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  • Urgent Announcement
  • 2017-10-13      
  • To all customers, 

    We have been informed a security breach in our GoIP gateways and 128-port SIM Bank.We have corrected the issue immediately with a new firmware release. 

    Please upgrade the firmware of all devices that are affected immediately in order to avoid any potential threats by this security breach. 

    Devices affected:

            1.GoIP-1 with firmware prefix “GST-1.01”

            2.GoIP-4/8/16/32 with firmware prefix “GST1610-1.01”

            3.GoIP-16 with firmware prefix “GST-1.01”

            4.WoIP-8 with firmware prefix “GST1610-1.01”

            5.CoIP-8/32 with firmware prefix “GST1610-1.01”


    Here are the lastest firmware upgrade links (13 Oct 2017) for the models affected:



            3.GoIP-16 (previous):




    Please check here regularly with URL below for the latest firmware releases in future.

    Important Note:

    To further protect your devices, we strongly recommend that you take the following actions immediately as well.

        1.Change the login password immediately.

        2.If you have your own Remote Control Server, please change the login password.

        3.If your device is using a public IP, please change its HTTP port number. 

    To edit this parameter, please login in the device website and go to "Web Access Security" of the Preference page under the Configurations section.

    Please click “Save Changes” and then reboot the device.

    To access the device website, you now have to specify the port number in the browser address field (please see the syntax below) as well.

    http://<ip address of the device>:<http port>


    HYBERTONE Technology Limited

    October 13th ,2017

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