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 Model: HT-922TN



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VoIP ATA (Analog Terminal Adapter) is our first gateway product. It now covers 1, 2, 4, and 8-port. Some of the models can also support an escape line or FXO interface. In principle, ATA allows the conventional telephone terminals to be able to be connected to the VoIP networks. Customers can now enjoy the benefits of VoIP networks without replacing the existing analog telephone systems (PBX / PABX) with a fully digital telephone system.

Telephone operators are now offering VoIP connections by simply giving customers VoIP login accounts.FXS gateways are now widely used in this market as shown in the diagram below.By just connecting a traditional analog phone to each phone port of your FXS gateway which needs to be programmed with VoIP login information, you can then enjoy the traditional phone service without having a fixed telephone line installed.  This greatly reduces the cost of installation and the time to get phone service.  For this reason, FXS gateway is also known as Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA).  In addition, you can move the FXS gateway to a different location without any relocation cost.